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Katlyn Arnold

The Artist

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education. I've immersed myself in the arts since I was a child. I taught art for 3 years at a middle school (advanced 3D, 2D, visual arts, advanced mixed media and art club). Then decided to start my own art classes and art businesses. My husband and I converted a bus into my art classroom (UniquelyClever) that I travel all over the place with. At the same time I started Au Naturel Artistry. My love for the human form produced nude fine art drawing and paintings. My passion extended to body painting. Coming up with unique designs to fit someone's personality is a lot of fun and a unique challenge. I want to empower individuals in their own skin and bring out the strength and beauty. 


Body Painting Services

Empower yourself!

You can count on Au Naturel Artistry to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. This is for both private clients and businesses. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

Maternity Belly Art

Cherish the natural beauty of motherhood and celebrate the joy of having a baby. We will help create a forever lasting bond between you and baby during this special time in your life with our body painting experience.
All our paints are water-based to protect you and baby from any chemical harm. We will cover your belly and help create a design that is tailored to you and your body.
Session: 30 min-1 hr (depending on design)


Front or Back of the upper body (torso).
Free consultation for design.
Session: 1-2 hrs

Full Body

Neck and Face / Chest

Free consultation for design. 

Basic Full Frontal or Back 


Full Body

8 hrs+

Free consultation for design. 
Session: 30min-1 hr

Couples and Parties

Event & Business

Mark this off of your bucket list for you and your friend or lover, this unique body painting experience for two will be lots of fun. This could be an unique gift for wedding, birthday, anniversary, or any occasion. Great for bachelorette parties! Sip some wine, socialize, and get a mini photo session in!
Session: 2 hrs +

Great for Advertising, communicating your brand, performers, fashion, and festival fun! Add a little creative class and engage the guest! Body art is an attention attraction! Not only will it impress your guests, it will also make your guests want to talk about your event more!
​It can be used in many ways to benefit
your project. We can create any design
tailored to your product, event theme
​or requirements.


Glitter & Metallic Body

Sparkle! For the person who loves glitter and standing out in a crowd!

I only use biodegradable glitter, this is safe for the skin and our environment. 



Interior & Exterior

wall, Chalkboard, window/mirror, menu art, etc...

1. Call or Email with a description of your project, including the size of the wall and brief description of the space and your ideas or themes.

Images are helpful as well. 
2. consultation and sketches.
3. Contract and Deposit. Once I receive the design deposit and signed contract I will begin work on designs for your wall and schedule the project. 
Mural Deposit: 50% of the total, prior to onsite painting. This allows for ordering of supplies and confirms the scheduling dates. At this time, we will review the mural design concept again and see if either of us have had any new thoughts or ideas on the mural design. We will confirm the start date and time, and confirm any preparation of the space as necessary.
4. Design Process: Brainstorm and sharing visual ideas. Provide sketch ideas and revise if necessary. The settled design will be a guide on how I will proceed, it may not be exact (this is my art and how it flows comes during the painting).
5. I will be on site depending on hours available. You may be on site or you don't have too. 
6. Final Payment of the full remaining balance is due upon completion of the mural.



Created artwork, Custom works, and Prints

Graffiti outdoors

Usually done with spray paints. Surface does best when sanded and primed. Please have metal sanded if it has existing paint and a primed coat in order to enjoy the mural longer. Wood should be smooth for better results. If you need someone to do this for you, please let me know. I or someone locally can help.


I was very happy with my body mural experience. It can be very tough getting comfortable while being seven months pregnant, but I felt very relaxed and Katlyn made sure that I was okay and welcome to take any breaks or readjustments as needed. An option of beverages and snacks were offered, which made me feel like I was at home. She checked to make sure the paint wasn’t cold or the process was not uncomfortable. My criticism and critiques about how the mural was coming along were welcomed if I thought needed. Overall the process was a lot of fun and every mural came out just as I imagined and better.

Elizabeth Stofila


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